How Massage Can Help Improve Posture

One of the most common reasons why people visit their doctor is back pain. Sooner or later everyone will suffer from some form of back pain. In many cases, back pain is the result of bad posture, such as hunching forward. Poor posture forces some of your muscles to work harder, while causing others to become weaker, which results in some muscles having to compensate for the weaker muscles; ultimately causing pain. Poor posture from hunching over may also cause excess pressure on your internal organs, which can negatively affect your blood circulation and breathing capacity; preventing your muscles from getting the nourishment they need for proper functioning.

How Can You Improve Bad Posture?

One of the first things you need to do to improve bad posture, is to be aware of how you are sitting. Bending forward or hunching over is basically a habit, but it is a habit that you can break with a few simple changes. First, you should implement stretching into your daily routine. Stretch your entire body each morning and each night and while at work, take frequent breaks from your regular sitting position. Standing up and moving around for brief periods will help to give your muscles a break. It’s also beneficial to reposition your work area into a more posture-friendly environment. For example, situate your computer so that you are able to see the computer screen without having to bend or strain your neck.

How Is Massage Therapy Beneficial For Bad Posture?

There are several ways massage therapy can help to get your body back on track, including improving your posture. A massage will help to loosen and lengthen your tight muscles, which in turn improves joint flexibility and range of motion. Poor posture causes your back muscles to tighten, and these tightened muscles are unnaturally bearing a considerable amount of weight, which ultimately leads to back pain. When the muscles are decompressed through massage therapy, they become loose, allowing you to sit straighter. Massage therapy also helps to reduce stress and tension, which can also be a contributing factor to bad posture. When your body is in less pain, you will be happier, be able to breathe easier, put less strain on your spine and be able to sit in the fashion in which your body was designed to sit.

Improving bad posture is a continued conscious effort, but with massage therapy and daily stretching, you can be on your way to better posture and less back pain.

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